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Dr. Underwood is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician that is Certified in Sports Medicine and specializes in Soft Tissues Injuries and Functional Rehabilitation


"Dr. Underwood's Techniques were unlike anything I have experienced before. I had multiple issues with various muscles on my body. Some pains had been with me for months. I experienced 75 percent relief after only 1 session with Dr. Underwood. It only took 3 sessions of ART with Dr. Underwood to completely heal my aches and pains. He truly is leaps and bounds better than most chiropractors out there. I am so confident in his abilities that I referred my mother to him."

- Bill H. Professional Body Builder and Owner of Complete Supplements Inc.

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Introducing Dr. Lindsey Chapman Associate Doctor at Underwood Chiropractic LLC

Dr. Lindsey Chapman is our newest addition to the team at Underwood Chiropractic. She graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in April 2017, after fulfilling her internship requirements at our office. Before graduation she had the honor to be selected to work in Logan’s Human Performance Outpatient Center to gain more experience with athletes and surround colleges’ teams; such as Harris Stowe, Mizzou, and at Dr. Chapman’s alma mater, SIUE. At this unique opportunity Dr. Chapman was able to utilize her certifications in Active Release Technique, SFMA, and Rocktape, while practicing her adjusting skills on a diverse patient base. At graduation she received the Who’s Who Award for the class of April 2017 and was nominated by the supportive faculty of Logan College who felt she demonstrated outstanding potential for success in the chiropractic field. Although, her clinic experience was heavily influenced by athletes and sport injuries these are not the only patients she enjoys working with. Dr. Chapman enjoys working with patients of all ages and including children.

Dr. Chapman received her bachelor’s degree in speech pathology and audiology from SIUE in 2013. It was during her clinic opportunities from the speech pathology program and her own chiropractic experience that influenced her to continue her education and become a doctor of chiropractic.

“I always knew helping people was my passion in life, but I didn’t realize how I could accomplish that goal until I was near the end of my education at SIUE. It was my own injury that lead me to a career in chiropractic. I was experiencing constant pain in my right shoulder and increasing weakness in my right arm during my last year at SIUE. So, I went to see my chiropractor, who I had seen since I was 8 years old and trusted without question. After his examination he suggested I have imaging done to rule out any tears or major injuries to the area. The imaging revealed I tore not just my labrum, but my bicep muscle, as well. My chiropractor was able to decrease my pain with adjustments to my upper back and e-stem, but physical therapy proved to be too intense for my shoulder injury. Eventually I had surgery to repair the area; however, it was my chiropractor’s care that helped me recover quickly from the repair and diagnosed the source of my pain. I realized after this experience that chiropractic was how I wanted help people. So, I graduated from SIUE in May 2013 and started my education at Logan in June 2013.”

-Dr. Lindsey Chapman

Before college, Dr. Chapman attended Metro East Lutheran high school in Edwardsville, IL. During her time there she was involved in many sports and was the captain of their state championship dance team. She is a very proud alumni of the MELHS class of 2009 and hopes to work with MELHS athletes in the future.